About Chrys-haefen Kennels

About Jennifer

Golden Retrievers in OntarioJennifer started into the world of dogs at the age of 16 when she and her twin sister, Judy Taylor of Skylon Kennels, had a litter of Collies. The two of them came up with the kennel name Chrys-haefen which means ‘Golden Hideaway’. Shortly after that they had a litter of Golden puppies and she hasn’t look back. They have since separated their breeding programs but still work together in their efforts to better the breed.

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Jennifer has always been very active in showing her dogs and in doing this began to show dogs for other people. She has had a lot of success over the years with her dogs as well as with numerous others.

champion golden retriever breederJennifer is a lifetime member of the Canadian Kennel Club. She is also a member of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada. She is always striving to improve her breeding program with the main focus on health and temperament.

With over four decades of involvement in dogs, Jennifer is a wealth of information. She is always available for advice or counseling.

About Opal

opal_tjsmOpal has grown up in the world of dogs. Growing up in Saskatoon, her parents breed Pomeranians and Samoyeds. They were active in both the conformation ring and the obedience ring.

The blending into the McAuley family was easy with having the same background. She married into the family in 1999 after moving here from Calgary where she had been working for a professional handler. She has shown dogs since 1985 in Western Canada primarily, but has done extensive traveling all over North America and Europe at the client’s request.

opal_vitkeysmAfter 4 years in the USA Opal, and husband Ryan, moved to Paris, Ontario. Opal has been working with Chrys-haefen since 2003. Her primary jobs are meeting with prospective puppy buyers and registrations with the Canadian Kennel Club. Occasionally you will see her at the shows helping out.

Opal has a daughter, named Claire, 2 sons, named Carter, and Cory. They also contribute to the program at Chrys-haefen as they do a wonderful job of socializing the puppies!

We provided our Ontario CAN champion Golden Retrievers with lots of love. Our CAN golden retrievers are trained very well.