Clean Teeth!

Clean teeth are an important aspect of your dogs’ over-all health. Dirty teeth lead to decay and when teeth decay the infection gets into the bloodstream. To avoid this all together, we give pills for our dogs raw chicken carcasses which is very good for keeping teeth clean. Chewing on other hard things such […]

Love my Goldens!

Well, the weather people say that we are in for a lot of snow today, good day to stay in and cuddle with the dogs with a fire going in the fireplace. These sorts of days tend to bring about reflection. I see Caleigh laying on the floor watching the Cavalier puppies play, always […]

Deadly Virus

Deadly Ohio Dog Virus Hits Michigan October 3, 2013 Posted by ADMIN in Dog News, Featured, Health, News Video Dog owners of the Midwest, beware: there’s a deadly disease striking dogs, and it may be spreading to them by their owners. Flu-like symptoms may be present, and can be fatal within 12-24 hours of contracting […]

Deadly mushrooms

I have copied this from another Golden breeder’s post. They recently had one of their puppy families experience a tragic loss due to them eating a poisonous mushroom. It’s a tough lesson that everyone should learn from. Keep your dog(s) away from mushrooms while outdoors!   This is the mushroom poor Bentley ate so please […]