Do you ship puppies to the U.S.A.?

We can make travel arrangements for a puppy to fly to their new home when necessary. Our puppies are not drugged for flight, nor do they need to be. Their great temperaments have them happily greeting their new family on the other end. It should also be noted that we have shipped all over the world.

When will I receive my dog's papers?

This is not completed until all puppies from the litter have been sold and we have all the necessary information for each puppy. Please ensure that you are prompt with notifying us of your puppy’s registered name.

Why does my dogs name have to have Chrys-haefen in it?

Each dog’s registered name has the breeders kennel name in it to indicate where it came from. It also helps to make names unique within the breed registry.

Why is my dog's registered name limited to 30 characters?

The Canadian Kennel Club mandates that the length of the dog’s registered name can not exceed 30 characters. It is not up to us.

Why do you breed dogs?

Jennifer’s passion for dogs started in the early 1960’s with breeding Golden Retrievers. It is that passion that still drives her today. Breeding dogs to better the breed, while conforming to the Canadian Kennel Clubs breed standard. Also a belief that dogs should be sound of temperament and be able to blend into their family as well as enhance it. Breeding is what she does to promote the breeds she loves so much.

Should I have my dog neutered?

Our guarantee is for 3 years in which no dog is to be neutered before that. After that it is up to the new owner, although we STRONGLY advise against it. If you like your dog and you like his temperament then DO NOT do it. We feel very strongly about not having our males neutered as it is completely unnecessary. Typically our dogs are not overly aggressive, they are not highly sexed, and they won’t wander the neighborhood or mount everything in sight. It changes the dog so much not only in appearance but in temperament as well, that it is not worth doing it. Neutering increases the risk of various cancers as well as thyroid problems which causes obesity, laziness, coat and skin problems.

Your vet might try to say that it will prevent a prostate problem in the future. A dog has just as great a chance of developing a prostate problem as a man would, and you don’t have them castrated “just in case”. Also it’s the mentality in North America that a responsible pet owner spays and neuters their dog. When in fact a responsible owner doesn’t let their dog wander the neighborhood and doesn’t let their dog breed another. In Europe spaying and neutering is unheard of, and people take their dogs with them everywhere, including public transportation.

Do you offer any guarantee with my puppy?

If you purchase a pet puppy, Chrys-haefen kennels guarantees you that if the puppy has to be put down for any congenital reason before the age of three we will replace the puppy. We stand behind our puppies 100%, so what we are really saying is that you will get a happy healthy pet puppy that should live between 12-14 years. The show puppy guarantee is a lot more in-depth, covering every disqualification in the breed, including the hips and eyes.

Are the hips and eyes covered on the pet puppy?

There are different degrees of hip dysplasia, ranging from grade 1 to grade 3. You would never know if your puppy had grade 1 hip dysplasia unless you wanted to breed it and you had to have it x-rayed. Grade 1 hip dysplasia would not affect the quality or quantity of your puppy’s life; it just means that you cannot breed it. With 2nd and 3rd grade hip dysplasia, it is more serious and it would affect the dog as it got older. The latter would be covered in the pet puppy guarantee.

How long have you been breeding?

Jennifer has been breeding Goldens since 1963 and Cavaliers since 1998. She also was an all breed professional handler, which meant that people payed her to show their dogs. Showing is her main source of income; We do show most of our own dogs to their championship, although it is difficult to show our own dogs as it is a conflict of interest with our clients.

Your puppies are all so beautiful I can't decide which one to get?

We do not let people pick out their pups. What we do is when you leave a deposit you tell us exactly what you are looking for, temperament, colour, size etc, and we match a puppy to you and your family. We know more about our puppies then anyone could by looking at them for an hour. This also insures that everyone is happy with their pup. You can definitely decide which litter and which sex they would like.

Are your dogs good outdoor dogs?

The Golden Retriever is not intended to live as an outside dog as they are very people orientated and are miserable being separated from the family they love! If you are not interested in keeping your Golden indoors, this is not the dog for you. A lonely Golden may bark incessantly, dig up the back yard or continuously escape to roam the neighborhood.

What happens if I choose to leave a deposit?

For  both Golden Retrievers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, we require a $200 deposit; they are payable in cash or cheque. These deposits are non-refundable so please be certain about your decision. At that point we will record all of the information that we require from you, including what you are looking for in a dog.

What about those Goldendoodles?

Much of what these breeders say to promote their puppies is misleading, if not downright false. These breeders perpetuate a number of myths in their quest to sell puppies. The Goldendoodle, like the Labradoodle and other Poodle cross breeds, were initially bred as assistance dogs for individuals who suffered from allergies. However, not all Goldendoodles exhibit the “hypoallergenic” coat style of the poodle. As a mixed breed dog, the traits of these puppies cannot be accurately predicted. While some Goldendoodles are low-shedding, many others shed a small amount and still others shed as much as a Golden Retriever. Furthermore, the assistance dog programs that began these breeding programs have since abandoned them as the puppies produced were not consistent enough in physical type or temperament.

The Goldendoodle is not a purebred; rather, it is a mixed-breed dog or crossbreed. As such, it is not accepted for registration by mainstream registries of purebred dogs such as the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club. Goldendoodles are a first generation cross between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever.

Another “benefit” that is often raised is the notion of better health resulting from “hybrid vigour.” The term “hybrid vigour” technically refers to crossing different species within a family, such as a dog to a wolf, to gain a genetic superiority. Poodles and Goldens are both breeds within the same species, so hybrid vigour would Depakote online http://windhampharmacy.com not result. Furthermore, Poodles and Goldens are actually prone to some of the same or similar inherited conditions, such as problems with skin, hips and eyes, which ultimately means that you are doubling up on genetic problems.

The final issue in this breeding activity lays with the ethics of the doodle producers. To obtain their breeding stock these people have either bought poorly bred dogs from backyard breeders or puppy mill auctions, or lied to reputable breeders. No reputable breeder of Goldens or Poodles would sell a puppy to someone who had told them they intended to use the dog for crossbreeding. Members of the CKC cannot be involved in the breeding or selling of non-purebred dogs. To do so would result in the loss of registration and competition privileges.

A purebred dog offers to his owner the likelihood that he will be a specific size, shape, color and temperament. The Goldendoodle is nothing more than an expensive mongrel. Because the genetic makeup is diverse from the Poodle genes and the Golden Retriever genes, offspring are a complete genetic gamble. The dog may be any size, color, coat texture and temperament. Indeed Goldendoodles do shed. Their coat may be wiry or silky and may mat. Body shape varies with parentage but tends to be lanky and narrow. Behavior varies within a litter with some puppies poodle-like in attitude and others somewhat like the Golden Retriever.

These crossbreds are a deliberate attempt to mislead the public with the idea that there is an advantage to these designer dogs. The crossbred dogs are prone to all of the genetic disease of both breeds and offer none of the advantages that owning a purebred dog has to offer. Please do not support the unethical practices of the doodle breeders by buying into their deception. Protect the integrity of our breeds. Get your purebred puppy from a reputable breeder. If you are looking for a dog with the energy of a Poodle but the size of a Golden, perhaps you should consider a Portuguese Water Dog.