Letter from Ali W.

Hi Jennifer and Opal,
I’ve been meaning to send you an update on Dolce (from Sophie’s litter – Fancy Rose is her registered name), but time seems to have gotten away from me! Much like all of your testimonials, Dolce is a beautiful dog and well loved by everyone. She’s aced both her Obedience and Tricks classes and absolutely LOVES training. I’ve never seen a dog so keen to learn new things and show off for anyone who’s watching. Any time that she’s near water (the lake, kiddie pool in the backyard, a puddle!) she’s ready to go and play, swim, and splash around, with retrieving being a great activity for her to stay focused. Her lovely temperment and calm, quiet demeanor have caused more than one person to say she is “an older dog in a puppy’s body”. She gets along beautifully with all other dogs and is very keen to get along with my cat, although he has other ideas about that! I’ve attached some photos of her over the past months so that you can see how well she’s doing. She’s been a great addition to the family and thanks for breeding such a lovely and sweet (- that’s what her name stands for) dog!