Letter from Brantford Resident

Greetings Jennifer,

I remember when we first came to your place and we were greeted by Jerry. (RIP) You asked us what we were looking for and we replied we wanted a GR just like Jerry.

Well look…that is exactly what we have. He was just at the vets and he weighs 87 lbs and is in perfect health. I think he would be around 3 ½ yrs old now and is everything we could have asked for.

Cash is so very loyal..smart..obedient and gentle. Aside from being a handsome fellow he is also incredibly ( insanely ) strong.

Although I highly doubt he would ever hurt a flea and has of yet but he is capable of being loud and protective in an intimidating manner when strangers go by. A while ago my wife was approached by a weirdo while she was walking him. Cash got between Diana and this person and made it clear in no uncertain terms this person should be on their way. Which of course he did.

Yes we are proud owners and never tire of all the compliments we have received from friends to passersby who feel compelled to say something nice about him. This is usually a daily occurrence. All he really knows is love and affection and if you were to see him this would be so evident to you. It has been a while since I sent you any pics. I hope you like them.