Letter from Brenda & Brennan F.

Hi Jennifer and Opal,
Just a little update. Our Roxy is an absolute gem! She has so much character and charm, yet is so polite and sweet. She is smart as a whip! We haven’t had a pee accident in the house in 6 days – pretty amazing for a 10.5 week old pup. The first couple of weeks were a little hairy, but she is settling in well. We cannot get over how many word phrases and commands she is picking up on already: * sit * down * come * night night * do your business * on the matt * shake a paw – Spencer’s favourite * give a hug (oh what a cuddler she is!) * get your bone * get your lambie * off * shhh shhh * Where’s Spencer, Courtney, Mommy or Daddy * Let’s go see Grandpa (my parents live on our street and she loves to walk down – my Dad adores her) Its unreal, she is so smart. She had a bit of trouble being left alone in the crate and if I left the room at first. But with lots of patience, praise and treats, she is making big strides this week and we are able to leave her in the crate for 2 – 3 hours at a time in the day. I carry her, but we have been taking her to the market, the movie store, the carwash and a few places so she can meet different people (no dogs til her shots). She is so gentle and calm around everyone even in big crowds. She is doing really well in the car, we just do short jaunts to keep them good experiences. She settles and falls asleep. You should be so proud of such a lovely pup. Thank you thank you.