Letter from Charlene L.

I have just brought home my new puppy from Jennifer. My dad bought me my first Chrys-haefen puppy when I was 10. That was 47 years ago. Since then I have always had a Golden by my side, and in my heart. This new puppy is my 6th.They have all been Chrys -haefen, all males, all amazing dogs. Sadly, my boy, Rocky just passed away. He lived a good, long healthy life. He would have been 15 in May. Cal, my boy before Rocky, was almost 14. My first boy, Coby, lived to almost 16. They have all been great family dogs. I have camped, swam and hiked with all of them.

This new boy, Gander, has come to my home well adjusted and outgoing. He promises to be yet another “best friend”.

Jennifer is a expert on breeding dogs with steady temperaments. She is also a breeder who stands by her dogs, and their owners.

Thank you, Jennifer, for my beautiful Goldens.