Letter from Chris G.

Hi Jennifer,
I found your name on your website. My name is Chris Gardner and I live in Orlando, FL. I have a beautiful 11 1/2 year old champion named Dudley (Chris-Ti Dudley’s Legalized Theft). Dudley is the son of Can. CH. Chrys-Haefen Private Eye OS (Sherlock) and Can.CH Cal-Vo’s Graceful Geniveve CGC (Geni). Dudley is a beautiful dog, but is beginning to really struggle due to his age. I have two daughters, 7 and 5, who adore the dog and I am concerned that his absence would be devastating to both them and me. I have owned goldens for over 28 years, and Dudley has been, by far, the most extraordinary dog I have ever known. Dudley is stocky with an enormous block head (like his father). He weighs about 72 pounds and has a long feathered cream coat. The most remarkable thing about Dudley is his temperament. What is interesting is that Geni had another litter from another stud, Magnum, and my in-laws bought a puppy. That dog, now 7, is beautiful, but cannot compare to Dudley. The difference is primarily in the stocky body, the block head and the temperament. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.