Letter from Danielle Y.

Hello Opal & Jennifer!
I just want to tell you what a wonderful girl Reese is! She will soon be celebrating her first birthday! I had a great experience getting to know you before purchasing Reese and I enjoy the fact that you have continued the relationship after Reese was in my home. When I have questions you are there with answers! You breed lovely, great tempered dogs with awesome structure! When it comes time in the future for another dog, I know I will come back to the Chrys-Haefen Goldens! Thank you for my wonderful, beautiful girl!! They just don’t come any better than her! Enclosing some photos of my fabulous girl “Reese” by herself and with my daughter Desi! Sorry about the amount of photos!! But I just can’t help myself she is so photogenic! So technically it is your fault cause you bred such a wonderful dog!!