Letter from Diane K.

Dear Jennifer and Opal:

I’m writing again to let you all know how much we love our new puppy, Finn. I do have one question for you…..did you train the puppy before he got to us? He has not had one accident in the house or in his kennel. He also seems know how to walk on the leash and even sit. He even sleeps through the night (as long as he’s in someone’s bed). We have had many puppies, mostly labs and one golden before this, but none of them have been anything close to Finn. I think, it has been easier to train Finn, the puppy, then my own boys. One other question. Wherever we go people ask us were we got him. Do you have any left from his litter? I know that my Mom will fall in love with him too.

Thank you again for this wonderful pup.