Letter from Dominic D.

Hi Jennifer,
I thought since it was Jake’s first birthday, I would send you a couple of pictures taken in the last couple of weeks up at the cottage. As you see, he is looking just beautiful and has the most wonderful personality. He is a seriously determined little guy and once his mind is set on something, it takes a lot to get him to move onto something else. He is extremely gentle and affectionate but has certainly taken on the big personalities of his older brother Cory & Dexter. Cory is top dog and keeps Jake in line, whereas Dexter allows Jake to do whatever he likes to him and never growls, snaps or reacts, even when the little monkey is hanging onto his ears or grabbing his jowls. Jake is our first ‘small’ dog and I was a little nervous about how I would accept one so little, but he has all the personality of a big dog and seems fearless of anything. He is a tough little fellow and spends his days up north chasing Chipmunks in the bush. We have a little bell on him when we’re at the cottage so we know where he is and also so bigger animals will know he’s around. We’re on a point, so he’s completely safe to run around and is never far from Dexter to whom he is devoted despite bullying him continually. Anyway, suffice to say we are thrilled with him and love him more each day (if that were possible). He has become part of our family and seems to love his life with us. I would say he was a very happy little dog indeed. Hope you’re all well, Best.