Letter from Elena Danese P.

Hello Jennifer.
We purchased an adorable puppy from you way back in August 1996 and we named him Molson. He was born to Dancer and Sherlock and was just the most beautiful, sweet puppy and friend we could have ever had. Molson was a very special part of our family and he brought us many, many years of joy and happiness. He started out as our ‘only child’, but over time we had three children of our own, and Molson befriended each child in his own special way and always made them feel like he was there to watch over them and provide a friendship and love that only he could. He became known as the neighbourhood dog as everyone in the area knew who he was and always wanted to pat him and play with him. At Halloween, everyone would come up to our house and ask for Molson first before asking for candy, that’s how popular he was. Even with people who were afraid of dogs, they enjoyed Molson’s company and he made them feel at ease enough that eventually they all ended up giving him many pats on the head and tummy rubs. I think that is a testament to the wonderful dog he was, both attributed to his breeding and also, I’d like to think, to how he was raised. He really was one of a kind.
Molson passed away this summer on August 6th, 2009. He was a sweetheart to all he encountered up until the end, and although it still continues to break my heart that he is no longer here with us, I just wanted to let you know how much one of your dogs has affected the lives of me and my family and friends.

Thank you for bringing these wonderful animals into our lives.