Letter from G. Read

Dear Jennifer:

I just came across our Chrys-haefen file and wanted to send off a quick note to say thank you, again, for so much joy. Our three dogs have enriched our lives more than I could ever say. Whatever it is that you do, the results are aabsolutelymagical.

We named this dog “Homer”. I contemplated taking two pups from the same litter – we could not choose- but good sense took over and we settled on one, a smart decision. We were going to name them Homer and Virgil. Perhaps Virgil will come and join Homer soon. But nevermind all this. The important point is; we are deeply indebted. Many thanks. Now, if you would please forward a question to Opal: I am going through this file and I do not find a payment to her for the ground transport of the dog from Toronto to Buffalo. I can not remember whether I paid her for this and I have no record of the payment here. It was $200 or $300 as I recall. Perhaps I did send her a payment, but I do not think so and I feel terribly remiss.

With the very best to all of you from Elysa and me.