Letter from Grace G.

Hi Jennifer,
In October I was standing on Yonge Street watching runners go by in the marathon. I noticed a puppy with her owners also there, she seemed quite calm and very white. Her owner confirmed that the pup had a lovely disposition and when I asked where she came from, they told me Chrys-Haefen Kennels. Our 13 year old Golden had died in September and we were still a bit ambivalent about a new pup as the loss was still quite fresh. I contacted Jennifer at Chrys-haefen and thus began our journey to acquiring our new puppy “Pearl” In the new year it seemed time again to share life with a dog so off we went to the kennel and chose a sweet white puppy. Her name is Pearl and she is quite a pet. She is a beautiful white/cream color For a puppy she is quite calm and eager to please. She seems to learn quite quickly and does have a sweet disposition. Thanks to Jennifer and Opal for breeding such beautiful dogs both in spirit and in appearance. We love Pearl and hope to be half the people she thinks we are. Here’s a photo of our little “inspiration” with her ball.