Letter from Jacqueline K.

Jennifer & Opal,

I have been wanting to send you some pictures of Fenway and Pippen for so long. However, I haven’t remembered to do so until now. My friend, Mark O’Neil, referred me to you years ago and what a great thing that was. These two dogs have been the absolute joy of my life. I just wanted to share an update with you.

The first two pictures are Fenway. (Happy Boy and Smile for the Camera) Fenway was born on November 28, 2001 (one of Waves’s pups) and is very much a “Momma’s boy.” He can’t wait until I get home and follows me everywhere I go. Then, whenever I sit on the couch in the family room, he waits for the blanket to be placed on the couch. This is the sign for him that he can now jump on the couch and stretch out next to me. On a nice cold winter evening, he keeps me very warm! He is so gentle and lovable that you can’t resist him. We refer to him as “Mr. Handsome” and he know what that means. When he hears that he raises his head and nose up in the air with great pride. He has been exceptionally well-trained and heeds commands since he was 3 months old. We think he may be the best dog we have ever had. His health is good and we truly love him. The second two pictures are Pippen. Pippen was born on March 2, 2005. He will be 5 years old very soon. He is one of Stinger’s pups. Pippen has retained more of his “whiteness” than Fenway and still thinks he is a puppy. He is incredibly strong and weighs around 97lbs. He “talks” to us all of the time with his little muttering sounds and always lets us know when it is dinner time. He gives us that look from time to time that suggests he has been “up to no good” so we tell him he is giving us the “sly eye.” He still loves to sleep in a fully stretched out position – sometimes almost on his back with all four paws up in the air. In the summer, he loves to lay in the grass, roll around in it and every so often gets grass stains in the weirdest spots on his body! He is quite the contortionist! But, then he flashes those big brown lovable eyes at you and your heart melts!

Thanks to you and Chrys-haefen kennels for dogs that have truly brought us so much joy!