Letter from Jodie V.

Hi Opal and Jennifer,
I just wanted to write to say how thrilled we continue to be with our sweet boy, Finnigan! He is Laila X Ivan, born Aug./09.

He is such laid back, sweet and patient boy. He never chases intact females and we can leave him off-leash with the door open or in the front yard with us, without ever worrying about him trying to run off because he is just that loyal!

He greets all guests at home with eenthusiasmand calms down in an instant when you show him your palm or tell him leave it or gentle.

What a wonderful attribute, especially now that we have just had our 3 child!
He loves playing with other dogs at the dog parks, and we always have people stop is to say how beautiful he is. We’ve even had several people ask if he is a stud!

I guess all of this is greatly thanks to your expertise and fabulous quality of dogs!! We are in love!
Is there any chance that you might look at him to be used as a stud?

We bought him on a non-breeding contract, to which we have obviously abided, but is there a chance that he could be bred properly, if you deem him suitable? Im sure all of your customers have only good things to say about their babies, but I didn’t think it would hurt to ask.

Also, we are looking to get a female next summer!

Thanks again for matching us with a great boy. Please be in touch when you can.