Letter from Leanne G. & Jeff W.

Hello Jennifer,
We wanted to send you an update on our golden Indie who was born March 16 2007. Her parents were Beam and Jerry. Indie is 2 years and 9 months and has turned out to be a wonderful golden girl. Indie is a everything we could have hoped for in a Golden. She has an amazing personality, she is eager, outgoing, social and kind. She treats life like an adventure is not afraid of new things. She happily travels with us, loves to camp, boat and participate in our active lifestyle. Indie is kind to our friends children, in fact just the other day she was lying on the floor next to our cousin’s four month old and held still while he patted her face and head. We took her to training as a young pup and while she had an abundance of energy in her first two years, she has done very well and loves learning new things.

We have attached a few pictures of Indie for you. Thank you for our girl, we couldn’t imagine life without her.