Letter from Mario & Lorraine C.

Dear Jennifer,
It’s only been three days since we brought “Strombo” home and I just had to write you and let you know, again, just how wonderful he is…just like the other three dogs that we have gotten from Chrys-haefen. Do you remember that we have had 4 dogs now from you over a period of 29 years ( the first dog 1980 )? And each one of them has had the same perfect breeding for beauty and temperament. It’s like they are clones of one another. I had Strombo to my vet today for his first check-up and she too marveled at his beauty and his magnificent temperament She has looked after my other dogs and it was she that remarked on how consistent our dogs are. You truly are an excellent breeder. There is no other breed that I would even think of and there is no other breeder from which we would get our golden. Your dogs have given our family 29 years of pleasure and love. So many people over the years have remarked on our dogs, how loving, smart, playful and protective they have been. We always tell them it is because they are Chrys-haefen dogs. Thank you again.