Letter from Nancy C.

Hello Jennifer and Opal and everyone at Chrys Haefen,
Just a note to let you know our beautiful puppy Finn McJagger (Rigger/Juliana June 13 2008) has grown into an even more beautiful dog. He was 9 months old on March 13th. He has kept us all very busy with lots of fun. My husband and I have taken him to puppy obedience and beginner obedience classes. He kept everyone in the class in stitches with his funny antics but surprised all of us when he placed third in the final obedience test. He definitely stands out in the class as a great looking dog. He is a beautiful, very intelligent, gentle boy who is naughty and nice at the same time. He has added so much joy to our family. I have attached some photos of Finn taken over the last 9 months.