Letter from Pamela B.

Hello Jennifer and Opal,
We are so pleased with our dog that we needed to let you know and share our story with others. Sydney is almost 9 months old and and has become an integral part of our family. We have come along way from the inquisitive group on the May long weekend. All five of us very much enjoy her company.She enjoys walks in the conservation area and people. She truly enjoys her boys whether it be playing with them or just being with them with her head on their leg for a pat.She has responded well to training and has passed Level 2 at “don’t blame em train them”. Although she does not look well trained in the picture , the picture was taken and then she was shooed off the sofa. we think it is just such a great picture of her. We very much enjoy her calm , but playful nature, and have had many comments on how well natured she is. (including our vet ). Thanks so much.