Letter from Ron & Nancy.

Hi Opal, Jennifer and to all out there,
Well, we never would have thought there was another Golden out there like our Maddie, WRONG!!!!!!!!! For those of you out there who may be at a stage in their lives that an adult dog works better than a puppy here is our story. We purchased our first Golden at the age of 3, loved and enjoyed here for almost 10 years, she passed in March of this year. No need to say how we felt. She left a huge emptiness in our lives. She was an unbelievable dog in every way. We’ll never forget her. We now have another Golden named Thyme ( Once Upon a Thyme ) how cute. Thyme was a show dog and loving Mother to many puppies at Chrys-Haefen. Thyme is 8 years old, a retired lady. She has been with Nancy & I for 2 weeks today. She is amazing, the hole that Maddie left is now filled. Thyme is everything we could have only dreamt about. Beautiful, Healthy, Loving, Social, Smart, Friendly and the list goes on. We also have a cat who loves Thyme and they are getting along famously. Thyme is also perfectly house trained and leash trained. Thyme will enjoy her retired life with us, it’s seems like a match made in Heaven. ( Sometimes we think maybe Maddie sent her to us ). Will send pictures a little later.