Letter from Steve L.

Hi Jennifer – I have been meaning to send you an update on Cody for ages, and finally got around to it! The picture says it all – he is growing into the most amazing dog that you could ever imagine! Of course I am biased! Cody is now almost 7 months old (born April 15th of Penny and Euchre). He weighs an astonishing 65 pounds (astonishing for me, as I have never had a big dog before!), but is still putting on weight every week – but no fat at all, just a very solid build. He’s very blonde, and everybody comments on his lovely colour. He has the most amazing temperament of any dog I have ever encountered. He loves everybody and everything, dogs, cats the works! We picked him because my wife is in a wheelchair, and wanted a quiet dog, not too excitable, and as a puppy when we saw him, he seemed to fit the bill. He was the perfect choice – he is very quiet, totally laid back, and almost unflappable. He has never ever growled or raised a lip, and when the doorbell rings, he doesn’t even bother to get up and see who it is! You can put your hand in his food bowl while he is eating, or take a tasty treat right out of his mouth and it is almost like you can do anything you want with him, and it is impossible to upset him. I take him with me a lot when I visit my wife in the nursing home, and he walks quietly next to the wheelchair and never pulls at the leash. All the residents know him, and want to pat him, so I share him around – I think it is good therapy for them. But he is also very smart. This week he started level III obedience class, having aced the first two! He amazed the other puppy owners when by the end of the level I class he could sit for 5 minutes with a treat on each front paw and another balanced on his nose, without going for them! He knows all the basic commands, both voice and hand signals, and is now starting to work off leash. I am also teaching him to count, which is quite an impressive trick! Well that’s all for now. A big thank you again for raising such an amazing pet!