Letter from

Hi there,
I just wanted to let everyone out there know that your kennel is a great place to get a golden retriever. We got ours 3 years ago, and he has been the most loving, playful, healthy dog since day one. Everyone that meets him comments on his nice temperament, his great personality, and on his nice light blonde colour. He was easy to train, and we have not had any problems with him. We love him so much I cannot imagine our lives without him. He truly is a member of our family. He loves to swim, play in the snow, go for long walks, and of course cuddle. It is true that a dog’s behaviour depends a lot on how they are trained, but I would definitely recommend getting a puppy from your kennel since it is so important to go to a trusted breeder. I did quite a bit of research about breeders before getting my dog, and your name kept coming up so I knew that was a good sign. The day we picked him up I was impressed with how you took such god care of him by giving him a nice bath and trimming his nails before his ride home. All the puppies are kept in nice areas with their brothers and sisters and they are taken care of very well. I also find that the english type of golden really stands apart from the typical darker coloured american kind. I will definitely be recommending you to others.